Appalachian Youth Ministries carries the three-fold philosophy of “Win, Build, Send.” Win, Build and Send is founded in Matthew 28:19-20. Our call is to win, build and send.

At Appalachian Youth Ministries, our organizational structure is built around this mission:

WIN – Student Outreach focuses on establishing relationships that WIN people to Jesus Christ. Student Outreach is also the home of proven Youth Alive ministries, like Campus Clubs, Campus Missions, Prayer Zone Partners and the Seven Project.

BUILD – Student Discipleship serves to build biblical life and truth in youth ministry. Student Discipleship is also the home of Bible Quiz and Fine Arts. These ministries don’t just develop a student’s talent, but also his or her mind and spirit. Remember, building is key to both winning and sending. Discipleship can be found woven throughout all our ministries.

SEND – Student Missions moves us to discover the God who sends and provides in life. Whether it is through giving to STL (Speed the Light) or going through AIM (Ambassadors in Mission), Student Missions serves to advance the Great Commission in every generation.

Appalachian Youth Ministries goal is to empower and equip our churches and leaders in the Appalachian District to WIN, BUILD and SEND. In return, mobilizing students and helping them to discover their God-given place in the church, their communities, and the world.